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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Post with Many Things (day April 28th edition)

Hello People of the World!
This is Rachel Rae writing :)

Random Picture of the Moment goes to *DRUMROLL*

Welcome to Planet Earth. Or the U.S. Don't really know if it's different other places. Let me know your thoughts if you wish. (Love the Princess Bride movie! "As you wish!" Love.) :)


I hope you are having a lovely day/night or had a lovely day/night.

Right now I'm listening to: Wake Me Up by Avicii (which *FUN FACT* I always think about spelling "Avicci", you know? Like the Italian way. At least that what I tell myself anyway. Ha) :P

And the song that I listened to before that I have had on repeat ever since it came out is: Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling.

WHICH TRANSITIONS NICELY INTO MY 1st "TOPIC": (Psstt, if I do caps, it doesn't mean I am yelling, it just means I am titling something or separating words...from...other words...it's just the way I operate. FYI. Warning. Yah)


I was hoping this wouldn't be a specific topic blog today, but another *FUN FACT* for right now is that the Amazing Lindsey Stirling's new album "Shatter Me" comes out tomorrow (4/29/14, Tuesday in the United States) and I'm super excited! I can't wait. She has already come out with two of the album's singles (I believe at least two) and they are already amazing!!!

#1 - Beyond the Veil

#2 - Shatter Me

Question: Lindsey Stirling, why are you so awesome?



The music videos are equally amazing to the music and you must watch when you get the chance! :) Highly recommended by all. (yes, I just grouped everyone into "all", what up)
NEXT TOPIC! (see what I did there? Hooray for transitions that are not smooth. Okay, onward!)
Right now I am listening to: Ain't It Fun by Paramore <3 :)
At Target the other day to get...stuff. And saw this fun sign (to the right):
Yay for Lindsey Stirling!
Anyway, I also saw so many books and it was glorious. I was freaking out. I didn't buy any though cause that's not how I roll. I'm the type of bookworm that likes to check out a whole truck load of books from the library, and read them (well, duh) and then if I absolutely love one or a series then I buy it. I have gotten several gift cards in my time for Amazon or Barnes&Noble and I most always use them for books. BOOKS BOOKS GLORIOUS BOOKS! :D (singing break, dude, come on. Roll with it) :D
Okay, also... saw this cute gift bag that I felt like taking a picture of since I love cats. And dogs, but this one is for all you cats and cat lovers out there.
NEXT TOPIC: (I think this "Next Topic" thing is starting to grow on me. I'm gonna just go with it. So please bare with me, homies)
(yay for long titles. cheers to you, long title, hopefully you didn't lose the interest of people at the third word)
Right now I am listening to: I Will Survive by Ryan Star :) <3
Okay, April 27th 2014 was yesterday, Sunday.

I got some books from my fellow book lover/buyer friend and it was awesome! (15 books, plus 2 movies, yay for my new addition to my small--but larger than most--inventory of books! haha) Pretty excited to read these over the summer!

Serious...ly, it was like my Birthday and Christmas combined. Honest.

 Maybe I should add a life event to Facebook. HA o.o

*geeking out*
LOOK AT ALL THOSE AMAZING BOOKS! [just look. at. them. and dwell. in the beautifulness] One of them is even signed O_O The "Glimmerglass" book by Jenna Black. (*FUN FACT* I typed "Shimmerglass" at first but it looked wrong. I apologize!)
I'm still amazed that I got that many books. Plus the two movies.
OH! The movies are: Sahara and Just Like Heaven (two movies  that I do like).
MOVING ON/NEXT TOPIC: (random...but here's a sneak into my thought process for a moment: When I typed "moving on" I sang it in my head like "Over There" and here is that chorus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TI73oAcmTaU)
"No More Great Ideas Down The Drain"---wow. Well, this would definitely be useful to writers, I think. I wonder if it comes with the pencil? Is the pencil waterproof? Hmmmmm, questions questions.
That was my random scrolling picture through facebook topic! YAY.
Okay, have a great time living life! Love lots!
~Rachel Rae!
P.S. All of the songs that I have mentioned in this post are songs that I like or LOVE. There you go. Happy listening if you feel so inclined!