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About the Guest: Hana-nana-na

...A day in the life of...

[well not really, just the main essence of Hana]

I am Me. Me is I. And We get along very well.
It's nice to meet you.

(Well Rachel Rae is making this page for Hana since Hana is anything-computer-challenged.)

My name is Hana. I live in my own little world of awesome-ness at college. Rachel is my BFF. She gives me sweets to fatten me up...sometimes.

I like:
-Root Beer
-Hot Cheetoes
-Kettle Corn
-Sunglasses and leather jackets
-Music (eg. Taylor Swift, Jon Schmidt)
-T.V. (eg. Supernatural series, NCIS)
-Reggie (see Pirates 4)
-Cake Decorating (and eating)
-Cats Kittens (although I'm allergic...wait, hate cats, love kittens)
-Trail Hiking
-Ultimate Frisbee
-Disney Channel
-Alex Pettyfer
-Asian stuff
-warm weather
-Bright colors
-Being Ninja (eg. Sneaking up on people)
-Horror/Supernatural movies

I don't like:
-Books (with some exceptions)
-Slugs (No banana slugs...although that's my school's mascot)
-cold weather
-Black Coffee
-Procrastinating (but I do it anyways)
-Homework (it wastes away your life)
-Being sick
-Orange (the color)

*to be continued*

6 cookies and a nap,

[Thanks Rachel, for typing this for moi!]