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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mortal Instruments series Book Five Actor Look-Alike

Hey-lo people of the world! :D

SO. I just came across a very interesting revelation!

Do you know the series by Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments? (The 1st book, the City of Bones, was made into a movie and I loved the actor choices, overall.)

Well. I have Book 5, City of Lost Souls sitting on my desk right now, and the cover...well, the cover is awesome! But I noticed that there's an actor that looks an AWFUL lot like the guy on the cover!!


Actual guy:

Broody, hmm?

I AM SO SORRY. But I can't find any pictures of them with shirts. Oh, darn.

What I think the guy (on the cover) really looks like:
His name is Chris Zylka.
And he looks like this:

Okay, I apologize for springing that on you, but it's hard to find a picture of him with a shirt. (Seriously)
Let me try to find another one.

AGH! Trying to find a profile/side view (because the cover is a side view and it makes more sense) of him and it's not really happening..

(Only one...basically. hahaa XD and it doesn't relate too well with the book cover. ha, Can you imagine this on a that book cover? HMMMM)


AH I found one!!

THERE! RIGHT THERE. Ohmygosh, Well I just think there's a really weird similarity.

Both are fine specimens of Jace Wayland's and I'm fine with that.

The guy I really wanted to be Jace is Alex Pettyfer, seen here:

OH Hello :)

(ohmygosh he's so preeeeetty. sorry sorry!)

If you really want a picture of him shirtless, just Google him :)

Okay, there's my little spiel! Love lots!!
~Rachel Rae! :)