About the Authors!!!!!!!


FAN PAGE and Personalized PICTURES page :D

Hello Y'all!!!! :) How are you? ....If you said something along the terms of positive...then congrats! If it was negative...I am sorry, but I hope that it isn't my fault. o.o :] haha.

Okay, so here are some pictures I made. (I got the pics off of google then I edited them!) You bet that Rawrz and Hugz now has a logo people! XD haha. Explanations as follows the pictures, if needed. :]

This is the logo! :D Love it! Yep, I made it. :) LOL.


Notice how the heart and lightning bolt are on mostly everything? Yeah, there's the smaller version of the logo! :D

Love ya like a love song,
Rachel Rae!

and though Hana-nana-na didn't create this page or these pictures, she was here in our hearts and minds. [Hana you're such a creeper! :D Haha, just kidding. ;)]