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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Post with Many Things (day April 29th edition)

Hello People of the World!
This is Rachel Rae writing :)

Right now I am listening to: Lindsey Stirling's NEW ALBUM: Shatter Me. (more specifically, the song: We Are Giants (ft. Dia Frampton) by Lindsey Stirling. The album is amazing and I highly recommend it!! Listen to it!!!! o.o :D

Random Picture of the Moment goes to *DRUMROLL*


Moving on to 1st topic:

Krispy Kreme
Yesterday there was a deal here where if you bought a dozen donuts at Krispy Kremes, you get a free dozen. Therefore it was needed. My friend bought one. We almost finished it! (Amongst the four of us) Not bad, I'd say. :)

I had two, the sugar one and the other sugar one. Ha, just kidding. My bad. The grainy sugar covered one and the maple sugar one. Hmmmmm-hmm. Yup. Good stuff. OH and a bite of the chocolate glazed one.

The actual picture I tried taking on my phone looks bad so I'm not about to post it. It's dark...blurry...a true horror to photographers, and I don't wish that upon anyone.

Moving on to 2nd topic!


AHHHHHHH this TV show!!! Ohmygosh. O_O Yes. It's...a serious love/hate relationship.

I watched the 1st show a while ago, probably when it first came out because I remember that I got it when it was Free on iTunes (deals, man, deals)

And I liked the idea of it. I liked the characters (DEAN AND SAM FOREVER OHMYGOSH) but I hate horror things...anything scary. I hate it. hatehatehatehatehate. Yes, I can say hate. I hate horror. And that first episode is mighty scary if you asked me.

Anyway, now I've been watching some with my friends and one of them is all the way caught up and the other one it on--like--episode 18 or something of Season 1. Soooo I just re-started there, with them, when they were watching it. I'm still creeped out to no end, but I cover my ears and close my eyes and squeal like a little girl at the scary parts. You can especially tell by the music. Which is why I hate listening to scary things mostly. Looking is bad too, I can't tell which one is worse. So don't ask that.

Yes, we are bad asses and we know it POSE

I like Dean. :}

And here is Sam because I thought this picture looked cool as well and I like him too:

But I still like Dean better (as of now--Season 1) :)

And if you want a shirtless picture of him, feel free to Google it. You're welcome.

Okay that's all from me for now!

I wanted to get this done yesterday...Instead of in the wee early hours of this morning, which makes it the next day--the day after my post is supposed to have happened, but you know...LIFE, MAN.

Anyway. Bed time soon for me!
Hope your day/night was/is going perfectly! If not, cheer up. There's always tomorrow. HUGS! :)

Love lots,
Rachel Rae!