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Monday, October 17, 2011

Vocab Skit #1 for american lit. class :D


Am. Lit.

Vocab. Skit for American Lit.:

*draw picture of city buildings on white board* and STREET MUSIC FIELD SHOW as background music!

Claire-Bear as Narrator: (At 11:30 pm that night, on a dark street in front of the bank, the criminal was running and stealing as much money as she could. The cops were on their way to the street. They saw her running as she disappeared behind a building. The cops left the car and went chasing after her. She failed to jump over the fence and the cops caught her. The policemen escort her to the car.)

[Don’t say out loud...just write on board and don’t write/say “aka” part!]
Criminal- (aka Claire-Bear)
Police #1- (aka Codename Z)
Police #2- (aka Police Rae)
Judge- (aka Judge Cat)

(at the police car)
Claire-Bear: “It was the other guy! I swear!”
Codename Z: “The other guy’s legs were ATROPHIED, because he has been in a wheelchair for years!”
Police Rae: “Yeah, so he couldn’t have even gotten up those stairs to get into the bank, let alone commit a crime.”
[Claire-Bear is silent and looks down.]
Codename Z: “Come on, speak up, don’t be RETICENT, we need to know what you’re saying.”

Claire-Bear: “I swear I’m innocent! It is an ENIGMA to me that you would think otherwise! This matter shouldn’t be even remotely AMBIGUOUS! This is ANARCHY! The system must seriously be AMELIORATED! You are all just mindless and SERVILE, bending to human nature! All you people care about is AUGMENTING your wealth and power! You disregard the BANAL public and only lose your APATHY when it concerns people of wealth and status!”
Police Rae: “How could you say that?”
Claire-Bear: “It was just an INNOCUOUS crime.” [acting very nervous and is very scared]
Police Rae
: “But, you robbed a bank, you call that harmless? What about all those people you nearly scared to death?”
Claire-Bear: “Who cares about those clowns anyway?”
Codename Z: “Well, their families for one certainly wouldn’t EXTOL you for your efforts.”
Claire-Bear: “Well okay blame me but I didn’t do anything wrong here.”

[going to the court house]
[in court room. The judge is getting ready to begin.]

Judge Cat: “What did you do to get yourself here?”
Claire-Bear: “I didn’t do any thing really bad.” [Uncertainly]
Police Rae: “You are such a bad liar! I made it just in time to catch you with the money.”
Judge Cat: “You are not being very CANDID with us are you?”
Claire-Bear: “What are you talking about? How can you say that when you weren’t there? Haha, you didn’t see me, so you don’t know nothin’.”
Police Rae: “I was there and I saw you running away from us!”
Codename Z: “I did too.”
[Claire-Bear doesn’t know what to say to that.]
Judge Cat: “Your stories are very INNOVATIVE, but they are just stories. I’m looking at your record and I see plain as day that this wouldn’t be the first criminal act you’ve committed.”
Claire-Bear: “I don’t have a dirty record, you must be looking at the wrong record! I’m a BANAL, average person. Not a criminal.”
Police Rae: “Yeah, right. I don’t believe you. We’ve got the evidence right here.”
Judge Cat: “You are going to live an ASCETIC life in a dark, cold cell for a few years. End of story.” [KA-BAM!]
Claire-Bear: [LEAVES CRYING] :D
Police Rae: Word.
Codename Z: SWAG.

The End! :D

(copyrighted for sure, no taking!) :D

Love ya like a love song.
Rachel Rae! :D