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Monday, October 17, 2011

Questions to talk about (which then turns into the BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE crap) Happy happy, joy joy!

1.) Do you think Taylor Swift (or any other artists/bands) like to listen to her own songs for...fun? Like how her fans like to listen to them?

2.) Why do the kids in my class in the United States find foreign exchange students so intriguing? Especially if the F.E.S. is a guy and all the girls flock around him because he's just "so cuuuuute"...?! I find it sort of stupid, but maybe the new guy doesn't. Who knows? I heard he was shy though. And nope, I don't plan on "flocking around" him and finding out. He might be claustrophobic
[So, it ends up that he now switched out of my English class...and not because he thinks that period class is all crazy, but my teacher liked to tease us about that. LOL] He seemed like a pretty cool guy, but I don't really like how all the girls suddenly "attacked" him and stuff...

3.) Why do people need other people? For support and such? I don't want to be a needy person. Independent...now that seems mighty fine to me. But then again...when you find "the one", then you want to sort of need that person right?

4.) Why, oh why, do humans need to socialize constantly? (It's fine if anyone does, I'm just wondering.) I know a few people I would like to talk/hang out with, but some are just plain annoying and some on purposely try to prove me wrong.

5.) I realize that I seem to find many things annoying...I should probably change and look on the bright side...

6.) -follow up to #5- College is coming up eventually, maybe I can not be as stressed there...? :P Ha.

7.) -follow up with #6- Life after college...hopefully I can publish a few books, be an expert at piano, and be rich and famous so I can travel the world with my friend (HANA! HERE'S YOUR SHOUT-OUT! ^-^). That would be...awesome! :) Now there's your bright side people!

"Don't get over it, just barge right on through. It's quicker that way, that's for sure." ~Rachel, Future Bestselling author :D

Love ya like a love song.
Rachel Rae!

P.S. I typed this up as a note on a sticky note on my laptop...so I'm not exactly sure if it will contain some spelling/grammar errors or weird formatting stuff. But here ya go homies! XD lol. :)

Feel free to comment (answer the questions) on this post! Awesome! :)

[Boo-yah! Yippee. woot woot!]
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