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Monday, October 17, 2011

Vocab Skit #2 for American Lit class :)


Vocab Skit #2:

Narrator: After school, Lucy walked to her friend’s house and “borrowed” the family’s car to drive illegally to a party which her parents had already told her to not go to. When she was driving home from the party at about 1:30 in the morning (ooh, that’s after curfew!), an INNOCUOUS slow driver was in her path. She tried to swerve out of the way to speed past, but proceeded to crash the car into a nearby tree.

When she finally arrived home, her parents were waiting there for her, having received a DISDAINFUL phone call from the police (aka. the coppers). They had a very AUSTERE lecture ready for her.
Mom: “Where have you been, young lady?!
Lucy: “I was out chillin’ with my homies.”
Dad: “Which homies?”
Lucy: “Dad...you aren’t allowed to say ‘homies’. That’s just...weird.”
Dad: “Well you aren’t allowed to take a car and go party without my permission! You have not earned your AUTONOMY yet. While you live under this roof, you live by MY rules, punk!”
Lucy: “Dad! I won’t ACQUIESCE to your stupid rules.”
Dad: “You know when you cause trouble that we as parents become more and more APATHETIC! I can’t take your INDOLENCE any longer!”
Lucy: “You should be a better parent! I need more freedom here, because I’m so not down...I mean, approving of your dumb ‘rules’. Get it through your head.”
Mom: “Do not speak to your parents like that! We are good parents. We are trying our best to be BENEVOLENT with you, but it’s hard because all you want to do is be FLAGRANT.”
Lucy: “Well.. what punishment are you goin to give me? huh?”
Mom: “Well.. we are going to ground you and take away your phone and your computer! You cannot leave the house and are only allowed to do your homework.
Lucy: I’m not doing homework!!! Homework is PRODIGAL. And you can’t take my phone away, I’ll die without it! i won’t give it up!
Dad: “You are a very bad girl. I don’t know what to do about you.”
Lucy: Really? Cool. I can get whatever I want. (Hehehehe laughing the evil laugh.. thinking of a bad-girl-trouble-making plan. Going to get away with it.. She knows that they can’t do anything about it.)
Dad: “No! I will remain RETICENT no more. I am tired of you trying to win your AUTONOMY. You will abide by my rules like a good, SERVILE girl and this ANARCHY will end now! We need to AMELIORATE the way this house works. Starting right now, all of your punishments are AUGMENTED! Your FLAGRANT acts will be punished, beginning with your loss of video games and toothbrushes! The rules in this household are now going to be more AUSTERE than your PROSAIC and BANAL mind will ever comprehend.”

Lucy: “I don’t care.. I don’t care... (it is a song she sings over and over again quietly to herself.)

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Love ya like a love song.
Rachel Rae! XD