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Monday, August 8, 2011

Happiest Place On EARTH...? Part of an email to homie g dawg! :D

They say it is the happiest place on Earth right???

So, are they admitting that there are other planets that we (humans) could live on and that there are other amusement parks in the universe? "TurboBlastLand! The happiest place in Space!" Or the "happiest place on the Moon!" XD

teehee! yeah, I'm weird and I'm proud of my randomness, foo! XD....... hey! I should post this in my blog...since i will one day be the next blogging sen-saaaaaaaay-tion! ;) [yeah, just sound it out.] haha.


Love ya like a love song.
Racehl Rae!

Ttylhgd = talk to ya later, homie g dawg!!!!!!!!! ;D