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Friday, August 5, 2011

Three of My Pets Essay (Assignment)

Rachel Danielson
Three of My [Very Interesting] Pets Essay

            As of today, I have four cats and two dogs. They all have different personalities. Dusky, Krismi, and Cookie are the ones that I will mention in this essay. All of them have unique and interesting personalities, habits and physical traits.
            Dusky is a gray and white cat with large glowing yellow eyes, long white whiskers, and a very loud and persistent voice. If he sees that we are outside, he sometimes rushes over to be petted. When Dusky eats his cat food, he swallows it down, barely chewing. He goes around meowing whenever he sees that someone is in the living room, hoping that someone will let him in or give him a snack. During the day, Dusky likes to go off and take a nap, or play with the other cats. His most well-known attribute is his strident meow.
            Krismi is a ten year old orange tabby cat. He is one of the cats that we have had the longest. He loves to lay outside in the sun or take naps in hidden, shady spots. He is an outgoing cat and whenever I call him, he always comes, if he’s within hearing range. Krismi is an overall friendly cat; he doesn’t bully the other cats, steal food, or shy away from human attention. He is a great companion when you need someone to relax with. That would be the trait that I love about him the most
            Cookie is a friendly, cute, ten-year old dog that is a mix of German shepherd and border collie. He has a long golden coat and a long mouth and nose. When he’s panting it looks like he’s smiling. Cookie eats almost anything except vegetables. He loves the beach but hates hoses or sprinklers or stepping in puddles. Cookie also loves going for daily walks around the neighborhood or hiking. Although, he’s old he still gets his daily dose of exercise. In addition to sleeping in the garage, he likes sleeping inside. The best thing about Cookie is that he is predictable and always has a “schedule” that he likes to keep. He eats, sleeps, and walks. He is a simple, good dog.
            My pets are all special and unique, especially Dusky, Krismi and Cookie. They each love to do similar things, but have their own individual personalities that make them stand out.