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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Chatters :D

Sign reads:
It's only 99 cents...plus a penny!

"What? Do they think we can't do math? Come on
 . I know that 2+2=3. Give me some credit---- uh, I meant 5, of course..." Silly Billy snorted.
"Sure ya did," Arrogant Willa-Fo-Filla Perrigent said.
"Are you saying I'm stupid?" Silly Billy asked.
"Of course not," Arrogant Willa-Fo-Filla Perrigent insisted.
Related to Music: ^^

Max: "How you doing?"

Linda: "Eh, mezzo forte."
Max: "You retardando."
Linda: "Give it a rest, buddy."
Max: "What? Waddya do this time?"
Linda: "Your beat is off."
Max: "Wow."

  • Friend: "Rachel?"
  • Me: "Maybe."
  • Friend: "Huh?"
  • Me: "Nope."
  • Friend: "I'm confused."
  • Me: "What's new?"
(Friend says "I'm confused" a lot. lolz.) XD

Love ya like a love song.
Rachel Rae!

Yes. No. Maybe.