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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tyler Ward, who is he?

Bonjour! Hello. Oh, hey!

Hello, beautiful people of the internet!
(Wait, what? There's a gif of his HAIR! ohmygosh, no way. 0_0)

This post is going to be all about Tyler Ward...if you hadn't already guessed.

Say What?

Yes, you did hear right. Tyler Ward.

Hey Guys!

He's a musician. And he started off on YouTube. You can also go to Wikipedia and look him up there (<---or here) Hey, he has his very own Wiki page!! :D

Okay. So yeah, look him up. I don't really want to tell you about him when you can watch his videos.

So go watch his videos. He does covers and has some originals. All of them are phenomenal. Yes, that's right. Phenomenal.


Here's my favorite so far:

Keep on doing what you're doing, Tyler.

Alright, over and out,
Rachel Rae!