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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair!


I absolutely LOVE Finnick!!! He's amazingly awesome cool. Yep, this is a squeal session over the Hunger Games character, yet again. What can I say? They are just that awesome. :] haha

Okay, now if you have seen any of my other posts on Pirates of the Caribbean, then you know I super-duper-really-do like Sam Claflin! He's cute too. (lol) He is also in Snow White and the Huntsman. I'm 'eh' about Kristin Stewart (Sorry, I don't really like the Twilight movies right now...) but I went to see the movie just cause Sam Claflin (and Thor!!!) was in it. ;D haha. They made it cool, and Kristin wasn't too bad... hrrmm.

SAM CLAFLIN IS PLAYING FINNICK!!!! Oh gosh. After seeing the Hunger Games movie #1, I CAN NOT wait for Catching Fire (#2) !!!!!!!! :O I was Team Peeta in movie #1, now I predict that I will be Team Finnick in movie #2! :}

And so here's a pic for my lovely readers! Rewarding right? ahaah.

No, I did not just find a pic of Sam Claflin without a shirt on...it's supposedly when he's on set for Catching Fire. Wish I was there. ;) :) haha!

Yupppp! ;)

Love yaaaaaa'aaallll!
Rachel Rae!