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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Julie Kagawa's 'Immortal Rules'- A must read for Rachel Rae! O.O

OH MY GOSH! I can NOT wait for this book to come out!!! :O o.o arrgggghhh! I wanna read it! (yes, I seem to be whining....) :D
Love ya alllll!
Rachel Rae!
P.S. This is the comment I posted on Julie Kagawa's Blog on her post "The Immortal Rules: Cover reveal (the real one)" Link to the post: http://juliekagawa.blogspot.com/2011/12/immortal-rules-cover-reveal-real-one.html

I said:"Oh my gosh! I love it! XD I love the Iron Fey books (I still MUST read the Iron Knight book! Argh) and I can't wait to put this one on my list of read as well!!!!!! :D The cover looks very good! It doesn't look like a any old vampire cover...the eyes are awesome. And it look about the exact opposite of the Iron Fey covers (I love those covers too...haha) But it looks amazing...I think I said that already... O.o Well! Ciao everyone! ^-^

A freaking out fan [right now...],

haha! XD yaaaaah. And no! I am not crazy, just voicing my NEED TO READ THIS BOOK! O_O

The funny thing is that I don't even know what the book is about yet... but I totally want to read it right now! o.o I think it's the effects of mind control... haha! XD The cover looks awesome, and ....YEAHAAA! :D
over and out!