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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift Dancing During Selena Gomez Performance 2011 TCA's (LOL)

LOL! I love how Justin Bieber was dancing! haha! :D although, I am sorry, I do not prefer to listen to his songs...but I do like Selena...I don't have anything really against Justin Bieber....cause I don't know him. Yeaaaah. :D lol.

And I found out that the younger girl dancing with Taylor Swift and rocking out is Ramona from the movie w/ Selena G, Ramona and Beezus. :D I think that that is really cool that she's there, supporting Selena Gomez with Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber! XD haha. Love it!

Love ya alllllll!
Rachel Rae!

over and out.*-*