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Monday, October 24, 2011

[written on Oct. 20th, 2011] about....life. :P :)

Hello All! (wrote this on Oct. 20th, 2011)

Guess what? Wait...nevermind, not yet.

So on the 15th of October, we had our 1st marching band tournament. It was @ Covina. A two hour drive away.

Here was the schedule for that Saturday, Oct. 15th 2011:

8:30AM-2PM -> Band Practice

[1:30PM-2PM] ->Pack up equipment and instruments into trucks. For the pit/front ensemble, it took way longer than just 30 minutes. :P lol. So I probably didn't leave until...3 o'clock PM.

4PM -> CALL time!

4:15PM -> Departure in our spiffy Charter buses with leg room! Oh yeah! We left acutally more around 4:30 or 4:45 (ish) PM.

6:30 (ish)PM -> Arrive @ school (Charter Oaks, I think...)

8:38PM -> Performance

(I think it went well...we won 1st in our division, but not over all.) :P :]

10:30PM -> Leave/head home

12:30AM -> Arrive home @ PHS

We arrived more like...around...11:50PM, but the truck with our instruments didn't arrive until a little after midnight.THe pit had to unload everything.

Since my dad was helping unload the things on the uniform trailer with the rest of the "Crew", I waited for him to finish, although I was already done. All the...well, most of the band kids had left by then, and the music director was locking up the band/music rooms.

My dad and I left around 1AM or so. I got to bed around 2:30AM. Fun... :P XD LOL.


I stabbed myself (on October 16th, 2011) in the kitchen my accident. ...Yeah. :P -.-

I was making myself a sandwich (tuna fish) and the knife I had used to cut the cheese (and the sandwich in 1/2) slipped out of my right hand...well, no. It was about to slip out of my right hand. I stuck my left hand out to catch it, and stabbed my ring finger (4th finger) on my left hand.

(Yeah, it hurt. And still does....)

It didn't hit anything major I think, but it went pretty deep...I might have just "poked" the tendon. It was bleeding like crazy.

I haven't been able to play piano and violin since then (today's the 20th of Oct.)

Oh! and I've also gotten so many bruises from band..my instrument (the synthesizer, aka. synth). I "shanked" my leg on the 15th @ the band tournament...through my uniform actually...now there's this huge red mark on my leg and a big ole bruise. XP At least it didn't bleed. :P

Okay, gtg homies!

WTYL (Write to ya laterz!) ^-^ *-* :D

Love ya like a love song.

Rachel Rae!