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Monday, October 24, 2011

Vocab Skit for American Lit. #3


Vocab Skit #3: HALLOWEEN themed

Justin: In ‘n’ Out person (would you like some fries with that?)
Rachel W: Wizard person (abracadabra!)
Rachel D: House person and Narrator (whooooosh: that’s the wind)
Claire: Minion person (teehee)

Narrator: It was Halloween night, and there were tricker-treaters about. A particular group of three were INDIFFERENT towards what type of candy they got, because they liked all sorts of candy. They were travelling from house to house to AUGMENT their candy supply, when they walked up to an especially OBSCURE house. There was so much fog that they could barely DISCERN anything that was just five feet in front of them. They were rather DUBIOUS in whether or not they should approach the eerily dark house.

Claire: Ding-Dong
All together: Trick or treat!!!
Rachel D: Hello!
Rachel W: Can you give us candy?
Rachel D: Why would I do that?
Claire: Because you’re a BENEVOLENT person. Besides, it’s INEVITABLE because it’s Halloween!
(a few minutes later, the kids still have no candy...)
Justin: Why aren’t you COMPLACENT to our request?!?!?!?!
Rachel D: I don’t have anything to give to you...
Claire: How about money? $) *Ka-ching a-ling, a-ling, a-ling!*
Rachel D: Don’t got none of that stuff either.
Rachel W: You aren’t being CANDID with us, are you?
Rachel D: I’m sorry, I don’t have cash with me at the moment, but I do have toothbrushes.
Justin: That’s strange...You are very AUSTERE! I’m not going to ACQUIESCE to you and your toothbrushes!
Rachel D: No, I’m not and you are being very pushy aren’t you? You kids need toothbrushes if you want to have clean and healthy teeth, especially after all the candy you’ll eat...
Rachel W: You live an INSIPID life and I’m not sorry for you.
Rachel D: Like you don’t and thank you.
Claire: Could we EXPEDITE this process of obtaining the candy? I wanna eaaatttt it noooowww.
Justin: I second that.
Rachel D: Well, you see I actually do have candy you DISDAINFUL, INDOLENT children. That was just all a test, you see.
Justin: So we can have our candy now?!?!
Rachel W: Don’t call us DEPRAVE because we aren’t!
Rachel D: Whatever helps you sleep at night. And when did I call you DEPRAVE? I just said DISDAINFUL and----.
Claire: Ya know what helps me sleep at night? A bowl full of candy!
Rachel D: And you know where you can get some? Well, the store for one. Okay, if you give me money, I will give you candy. Fair trade.
Justin: Your DEPRAVITY is ruining our Halloween! Today isn’t about buying candy from strangers, it’s about getting candy for free because of the goodness in people’s hearts.
Rachel D: Wait, now you are calling me DEPRAVE? Okay then, I see how it is. Here’s the candy that you so EXTOL.
Claire: MWAHAHAHAAA! That’s more like it you AMBIGUOUS human.
Rachel D: I will change my ways. Candy is good for you I see now. I already gave you kids candy...so, I’ll see you next year I guess!
Justin: Okie dokie.
Rachel W: I wouldn’t bet on it.
Claire: Candy is goooood! I love candy...whatever house it comes from! Don’t discriminate! Candy for all! Woot woot!