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Friday, January 24, 2014

Lesley Livingston: Once Every Never book

Hi everyone!

A new series by Lesley Livingston: book 1 is  called "Once Every Never"
Check it out on goodreads:
And here's the awesome eye-catching cover --that I hope just caught your eye to this post. ;D

I can not wait to read this. It's definitely going on my list of awesome books I need to read (which is lengthy, I admit).

I read Starling and Lesley's Wondrous Strange series as well. (Descendant, book 2 of the Staring series is also in my list of 'must-reads'.)

Check out Lesley's blog here:
And her Facebook page...here:


There's the book for the day! Enjoy :)

Over and out.
~Rachel Rae