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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yah-ha! :D ♥ Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift!

Gosh darn it...I knew I wanted to make a post...about...something, but now I forgot what it was! T.T *annoyed*

Hopefully I'll figure it out soon... :P

(Ooh!!!! Yes! I've got it!)

SOOOOOOo! The new Safe & Sound music video by Taylor Swift is out! :D ahhhhhh! [SUPER excited for Hunger Games! Ohmygosh! My friend and I had a total spaz-about-Hunger-Games-movie-coming-out-March-23rd party for a few minutes in Orchestra class] ^-^ ;D [lolllllll] :)

Here's Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift everyone! :D

Luuuuuuuv yaaaa!
Rachel Rae!