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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hello everybody!
(song of the post: Everybody Have Fun Tonight by Wang Chung)

Guess what? [Well, I guess I'll use deductive reasoning here: According to the post "HAPPY (OMYGOSH) IT'S NEW YEARS!" I can infer that this post is about the new year. Looking at the capital letters, the common phrase of "oh my gosh" which is in parentheses, and the exclamation point proceeding the words, I can presume that the person writing this post is rather excited.]

It's a NEW YEAR. [Yes, of 2012. Isn't that obvious?]
Shut it, Paco. [My name is Mr. Billy Bob Joe with a Mustache. It is not "Paco".]
I see...and what brings you here? [I am a friend of Miss Killjoy-is-a-cool-word-oh-yeah]
That's...an...interesting name, is she a 'killjoy'? [Of course not. Are you insulting Miss Killy?]
Miss Killy?! [Precisely, and I go by Mr. BB Jim.]
I see... [Do you?]
Yep. [Are you quite sure?]
Would you let me get on with this post already? [If you insist.]
I most certainly do. [Alright then.]
Fine. [...]

Sorry about that, that was me being...UNIQUE. :) See? I told you that that's a cool word! ^-^ Anyways! It is now the New Years! Awwwwwwwwww Yeah! XD

Party like a piano player! ;}

Mike in the T.V. show Friends

 And of course there must be a disco ball and flashing dance floor! ;]

Well that's all for now folks! [Are you sure?]
Um...yes? Why? [Are you going to lock that down?]
Yes. [Is that your final answer?]
Oh, shut up. -.T

(And here's a random picture that I thought was amusing. :) Thanks to Google Images obviously. I looked up: "flashing dance floor")

Love ya like a love song.
Rachel Rae!

over and out [ow-ooooooooooooot!]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!