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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Adventure! Gobble Gobble!!

Blackout Friday!!!----I mean Black Friday (Yes I'm a day late but what evvvv)

....which meaaannnsss.. shop until someone gets hurt haha. In my case I'm too indestructible to get hurt muuahahahah.

Madness began at 12:
-Bath and Body Work stuff...alot of stuff... >>...
-Christmas Present for madre and padre
-V-neck shirt for $2!!
-puffy shirt for $9.50
-Stuff Penguin
-Leather Jacketty goodness for $23 B-)
...lets not forget the cost of gas haha

Sooo yea. Return to dorm at 4am like a zombieeeee

P.S. Mission for winter is finding a leather jacket for Rachel and then hijacking a little kid's bike and pretend it's a motorcycle :D...hardcore stuff right there