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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction

Link: Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction

To Taylor Swift:
Three words [plus a smiley face]... You. Are. Awesome. :)

I can't believe that happened! And so glad that you handled it so well...the article said that you didn't even miss a beat when you were performing "You Belong With Me" (which I love, btw) and that takes skillllllllz people...
You Belong With Me (MusicVideo):

File:SC04765 Marilyn Monroe in Chicago.jpgOh, it was a nice dress as well, too bad you had to have a "Marilyn Monroe" moment there. XP

<---- and that's a huge statue... O_o :) LOL.

GO TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!! Your fans love you, forever & always. ^-^ (oh snap!)

Love ya like a love song.
Rachel Rae!

O.A.O. = Over And Out