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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Situation #1:

WARNING! PG-13 (?) Contains blood, guns, and serious sarcasm on my part. *-*

Situation #1:

THE START!!!!! O.O :}

Shot Guy: I need help! I'm gushing blood from a gunshot wound! Heeeeelllllpppp-p-p!
[Paranoid] --> Person #1: OHMYGOSH! Run away! He could be a zombie! YOU could get INFECTED!
[Uncaring] --> Person #2: You're hurt? Eh, who cares? *shrugs*
[Helpful-ish, but all just talk] --> Person #3: Do you need help?! Here! I'll take you to the E.R.! It's this way! Come on!
[Informative] --> Person #4: THe hospitl is that way. Go find it.
[Spazzzz!] --> Person #5: REALLY? No WAY! Me too! Except...you know that was on Call of Duty now that I come to think about it...but STILL!  I totally get you man!!!!! Soooo cool! We so have a connection! It was freaking meant to be! *babbles on...and on, on, on*
[Each man for himself] --> Person #6: What?! Gun? Bullets!? Run! Save myself! :O *runs around*
[Spy, ninja, warrior-like...T_T] --> Person #7: Let me at 'em! Where's the culprit? I'll bring 'em down! Bring it on, other punk with the gun! *whips out gun*
Crowd of People #1-6: AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shot Guy: Blah. *dead 'cause those #1-7's were idiots and did nothing to help him*


(happy happy joy joy!)

Love ya like a love song.
Rachel Rae! =^.^=