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Monday, July 25, 2011

Wat hapn'd 2 g'bye?

Hello all!

I have read the book: What Happened To Goodbye by Sarah Dessen. I really liked it! I've liked all of the Sarah Dessen's books that I have read so far, which is most of them.

[oh snap! My computer just blanked here and all the stuff that I had just typed got erased after this. Darn it...I should have saved it more. :P Anyhoo...]

I recommend this book to all you young adult readers out there! And I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. (: This is a great relationship novel about a girl named Mclean Sweet who doesn't know who she is and is trying to figure that out. She meets this awesome guy, named Dave and...well duh, they end up liking each other. There are some funny parts and some emotional parts and some normal school parts, but they all are great. I loved the ending to this story! It was perfect!

Anyways, over and out.

Love ya like a love song.
Rachel Rae!