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Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's Maaaaagical! Writing that is. It creates CHARACTERS. o_O :)

I love writing!!!! And I love making characters up, give them personalities, physical traits, and everything! They are just so fun to create. So that was one of my problems.

At one time, I had started a story and it had...*drumroll that blows your eardrums out*...14 main characters total. Yes, you read right, my friend. Fourteen. 7 guys and 7 girls. They were all BFFs of course. After a while of creating all of these many, many, maaaany characters, I realized I would either have to kill them off, or just start it over with fewer characters.

Yeahhhhhh. Now I just start new stories if I want to make a new character, since the other story already had enough main characters and characters in general. :) haha.

In conclusion, I LOVE writing! XD Okay, over and out!!! :]

Love ya like a love song.
Rachel Rae!